Best methods for freezing veggie burgers? Individualy wrapped? Cooked vs uncooked?

I've made some delicious thai flavored tofu based veggie burgers. I've pan fried them in coconut oil and they are staying together nicely. Best methods for freezing to avoid freezer burn? Also, I have two additional veggie burger recipes to make. It seems the people of the internet freeze burgers prior to cooking. Any experience with this? My main concern is the burgers falling apart in the pan after defrosting. Thanks!

  • Posted by: ktjk
  • August 1, 2015


702551 August 1, 2015
The commercially available veggie burgers are also uncooked. Assuming you don't have a machine to do IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) I suggest you wrap them individually.

As for the risk of having your burgers fall apart, I can't speak to that since I have zero experience with whatever recipe/process you've followed in making your veggie burgers.

I do know that defrosting regular raw beef patties does not seem to significantly impact the patty integrity.

Good luck!
702551 August 1, 2015
Oh yes, concerning freezer burn. The best procedure is to wrap well, and when well frozen, stick these into a ziplock bag.

Also, use the frozen patties within a month or two. Don't let them loiter in your freeze for a long time. Some people are more sensitive to freezer burn than others, so ultimately you will be the judge of how long to keep them there.

Remember the freezer is there for food production and storage convenience, it doesn't improve the food that it holds.
ktjk August 1, 2015
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