I'm looking for a solid Indian cooking blog to follow, any recommendations?

I'd be interested in either tradition Indian recipes or fusion Indian creations. I'm a vegetarian, but since much of Indian cooking is vegetarian it doesn't have to explicitly be a vegetarian blog. I've had a hard time finding a blog that has reliable recipes.



Manju M. March 16, 2017
If I may add my own 😀 www.cookingcurries.com
My other favorites are vegrecipesofindia.com, whiskaffair.com and indiansimmer.com
AntoniaJames March 14, 2017
Mallika Basu. http://www.mallikabasu.com/ She contributed one of the best make-ahead recipes on Food52 - see more here: https://food52.com/blog/13865-curry-on-how-to-use-indian-curry-sauce-in-5-dinners
Her video style is intelligent and otherwise quite nicely done. And her recipes are terrific. ;o)
Mallika September 20, 2019
That's so sweet! Thank you!
luvcookbooks March 14, 2017
Anjum Anand has a blog that I like. It's not 100% Indian food, but a lot.
scruz March 11, 2017
if you want to look at indian cooking on youtube, manjula's kitchen channel is a lot of fun. she cooks only vegetarian and has a lot of recipes to choose from.
Lost_in_NYC March 11, 2017
vegrecipesofindia.com is one that I look at from time to time.
Rajshri Foods channel on Youtube (with a few series built in) is also good.

I also have Vikas Khanna's cookbooks as well.
Panfusine March 11, 2017
umm.. I'd be solidly guilty of posting such recipes.. :-D
SKK March 11, 2017
Panfusine has remarkable recipes and highly recommend you checking them out here at Food52
txchick57 March 11, 2017
Show Me the Curry. It's a great blog with very reliable recipes and videos.
amysarah March 11, 2017
This one is worth checking out - vegetarian too: http://abcdsofcooking.com/
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