Dosa chef to do a zoom for my brothers birthday. I’m happy to pay whatever it makes it work for the “dosa” teacher.

My brother Lui Sykes will turn 50 in March. He usually lives in NY, but because of Covid he has relocated to Berlin with his family. My brother is a very good cook and has lately shown increased interest in Indian cooking. We both have tried making dosa, but he struggles a little bit with the side dishes. Now, I’m sorry to bother you, but would you be able to recommend a chef, who could teach my brother some Indian cooking on zoom and recommend a cookbook for simple Indian cooking. I’m looking for tasty but not too complicated. He is still in lockdown and Berlin shops are not too well stocked with Indian ingredients. Any kind of advice would be very helpful.
I’m happy to pay whatever it makes it work for the “dosa” teacher. It would be a one off 1-2 hours.
Very warm regards,

  • Posted by: Santana
  • January 30, 2021


Nancy January 30, 2021
Santana - lovely idea for a birthday treat!
I think, unfortunately for them during the pandemic but good for you, many chefs will be willing to do an extra teaching session.
Here are ideas for sourcing: - a website that will lead you to about 10 websites for chefs and used by them.
Grande Dame of India catering & name of famous catering college there. Probably can find names of Indian chefs both in the country and around the world (like the late NYC chef Floyd Cardoz, who trained there).
Indian restaurants near you - email their chef(s) and ask if they do teaching.
Julie Sahni cooking school, which I believe is still operating
Various top culinary schools around the US

Santana January 30, 2021
Thank you Nancy for all the information. Very useful. I will have a look. Very kind regards, Santana
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