What is the sour tangy flavour in North Indian cooking? Vinegar? Pickled veg?

James Robinson


Manju M. March 16, 2017
If you can tell us the name of the dish you are referring to, it will end helpful, otherwise I will have to go with what panfusine said about aamchoor (dried mango powder) unless the missing the obvious tomatoes 😊
Manju M. March 16, 2017
It will *be* helpful. Sorry about the typo!
Smaug March 11, 2017
Probably tamarind.
Panfusine March 11, 2017
Tamarind is more prevalent in Western Indian & South Indian dishes.
Rach3190 March 11, 2017
Yes it could likely be tamarind. Amchoor is a possibility as well.
Panfusine March 11, 2017
depending upon the dish, the most common additive for tartness is aamchur (dried mango powder), or anardana powder (dried crushed pomegranate seeds)
Rachel March 11, 2017
Was going to also say asefoetida. Perhaps you're thinking of fermented vegetables?
Panfusine March 11, 2017
nope, asafetida adds an aroma rather than a 'tang'. The resin blooms when fried in heated fat to yield a garlicky aroma.
Ali W. March 11, 2017
Might it be Asafetida (Hing)?
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