Precooking chicken before deep frying

I make a chicken parm each week and reticently some of the chickens have been raw part of the way through. I was thinking that it would be best to precook the chicken before deep frying it so that it would not be raw. Any suggestions as to how to go about this.

Matthew Schultz


Sam1148 March 18, 2017
There's a Chinese technique called "looing" that involves poaching chicken in a soy/spice mixture. Drying it bone dry and then briefly deep frying it.
I use that with game hens sometimes. The frying step is just to crisp it up.
You could do something similar, dry it, it with flour, and coat with the egg batter/bread crumbs and a shallow fry as the final step.
Alexandra V. March 15, 2017
Fry first then you can put them in a 350 degree oven that has been preheated for 8 minutes. The crust won't adhere to the meat if it is cooked 1st. Check this recipe out for an example of the cooking process:
PieceOfLayerCake March 14, 2017
I'm curious as to why you're deep frying chicken parmesan. I usually just pound it out and pan fry it over moderate heat. Enough time over that temperature will brown the outside to a golden crispness while cooking the chicken all the way through. I've discovered the same with deep frying. As long as the heat is maintained at a consistent 350F, it should cook all the way through with a good color on the outside.
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