Any ideas for slow roasted vegetables?

I am cooking "Easy Duck Confit" from this site tomorrow and would like oven to do double duty. But every one seems to recommend a hot oven for my usual vegetables, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, butternut squash. etc. Any ideas or recipes? I am open to most suggestions that would work in a 300-325 oven.



caninechef March 20, 2017
Thanks for all the ideas, I now have a roasted butternut squash, roasted beets and a "sorta" version of the NYT roasted vegies to look forward to. These all cooked while the duck slowly poached itself it fat.
QueenSashy March 17, 2017
11 Madison Park book has a recipe, one component of which are duck fat roasted carrots. Carrots covered in duck fat, roasted for 2 hours, at 250F. They are insanely good. Mark Bitman has a wonderful recipe too (his are at 325F)
caninechef March 17, 2017
hmm, my oven might be very busy. I have been thinking about making the Pasta Al Forno with Pumpkin( butternut) so this would be a great time to cook the squash for that. The NYT recipe looks interesting also and includes some things I do not normally cook so would be a great opportunity to branch out. Just had a St Patrick's day lunch at work so I think the cabbage will wait until next time around.
HalfPint March 17, 2017
The NYT has this recipe:

Looks good.
Heidi L. March 17, 2017
Doing vegetables in foil works in a slow oven. For example, you can roast a beet, a sweet potato, or a butternut squash wrapped in foil. It will take longer but you will know it's done when you can poke a fork into it. Anywhere from 300 to 400 works for veggies in foil. Only the time required varies.
Nancy March 17, 2017
It's still winter, and I remember duck and cabbage as a good pairing. Maybe roast wedges of cabbage to serve alongside.
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