Substituting squashes

I have a dear, dear friend coming for dinner tonight. She and I both are butternutsquash fans...but I don't have it on hand (and there literally is no time today to go get one), but I do have a delicata and what my farmshare called a "butter" squash but it looks a lot like a kabocha. Can i used both or one of those in place of butternut squash in a pasta recipe? I'm thinking of combining a few ideas from the site -- roasted with some onion, garlic, sage, bacon and goat cheese (but other ideas welcome! will be serving with brussel sprouts, too, so could incorporate those). Thanks!



susan G. November 10, 2011
There may be a difference in moisture content, but fundamentally, winter squash can be interchanged. With the kabocha look-alike, I wouldn't use a recipe that needs the squash to be peeled first. There are good tips on the squash roasting video.
wssmom November 10, 2011
I think using other varieties of winter squash in place of butternut would be lovely with garlic, sage, bacon and goat cheese (YUM!) the cooking times may vary, however.
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