Would Mushrooms work as a replacement for pancetta in Thanksgiving Brussels Sprouts?

I've been asked to provide a vegetable for Thanksgiving at someone else's house. Usually I would go with Brussels Sprouts but the recipe I usually use calls for pancetta and chestnuts and the host is Jewish and keeping Kosher. I am thinking I can replace with mushrooms. Any thoughts?

Practically Eating


Greenstuff November 26, 2013
If your Brussels sprouts are fresh, they don't need that flavor boost at all. Just the chestnuts sounds great to me. Mushrooms would just be an added bonus.
Practically E. November 27, 2013
And who could argue with an added bonus? ;)
Kristen M. November 26, 2013
Sounds delicious. All that's missing is a little salt and fat (like olive oil), which you can add to taste.
Monita November 26, 2013
That could work or you could use chestnuts
Practically E. November 26, 2013
Actually, chestnuts are already in the mix... ;)
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