Is it possible to bake a cake with no milk, no eggs and no gluten flour?

  • Posted by: DemiS
  • March 26, 2017


Amy March 28, 2017
Bob's Red Mill has a 1:1 Flour (it's written like that on the bag). It's got a blue label (NOT the red label baking mix). It is an identical 1:1 replacement for flour. It already has the xanthan in it. That said, you could use the flax "egg" replacer (it's a mix of ground flax seed and water...can't remember the ratio, but you can look it up) and then use almond milk or something. Not sure of the end result, but it's a place to start.
Windischgirl March 27, 2017
Try this! I made this for a friend who is vegan. It's easy to substitute the liquids--nut milk vs. coffee vs. juice. Be sure to use a GF flour blend with xanthan gum, though, or it will be too crumbly.
lloreen March 27, 2017
Just try googling "vegan gluten free cake." There are lots of ways to sub different flours and coconut milk for milk and eggs.
ktr March 26, 2017
I would try flax "eggs" in place of eggs and use a non dairy milk. There are lots of gluten free cake recipes online that you could try with those substitutions.
Bernie March 26, 2017
I do apologise that should have said fatless not flourless.
Bernie March 26, 2017
I believe some clever souls are using aquafaba (chickpea water) as an egg white substitute. I could be wrong but a flourless chocolate cake recipe might be the answer using aquafaba.
DemiS March 26, 2017
Thank you. Will give it a try. Hope it will work :)
ChefJune March 26, 2017
I don't have your answer, but I know who does. Contact Fran Costigan at
She has written a whole book on vegan baking and her baked goods are divine.
DemiS March 26, 2017
Thank you. Will definitively get in touch with her!
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