"Almond, Corn flour and Lemon Cake (Gluten-free)"

Hi. The recipe "Almond, Corn flour and Lemon Cake (Gluten-free) does not specify the amount of cream and what kind of cream is needed. I need to bake it this Friday. Thanks very much for your help.

Raquel Volpini Cox


Nancy October 21, 2015
In this recipe, "cream" is a verb, describing the thorough mixing of butter and sugar into a soft, almost fluffy paste.
Raquel V. October 21, 2015
Ah....... Thanks very much Nancy. Feel really silly now! I have a similar lemon polenta cake that calls for 225g of butter and was convinced that this was cream because the amount of butter is a lot less in this recipe. Have you tried it? Thanks again.
Nancy October 21, 2015
No, I've not made this one, but yes similar almond-corn-lemon cakes and they're usually delicious.
Also nice to garnish them with some lightly poached stone fruit or berries.
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