Substitute for avocado in salads

Hello all,
My husband has an avocado allergy. Does anyone have any ideas of what we could substitute for avocado in tacos or salads? He really misses their creaminess in things like Cobb salad and simple tacos. Obviously we've abandoned guacamole, so I'm not trying to reproduce that or anything.
Thoughts/suggestions appreciated!



Smaug August 3, 2018
Mexican crema (or sour cream or crème fraiche) would add creaminess and be appropriate with most types of tacos, though the taste is far removed. Avocados have become a real problem in California, and probably more of one elsewhere, because the people that pick them are not being allowed into the country. Word is that growers are offering $400 a day for pickers and still can't get them. In the meantime avocados have passed the $2 each mark with no ceiling in sight- too rich for my blood.
Makenzie M. August 3, 2018
I’m also allergic to avocado. I’m trying to find things to substitute for avocado because I’m also allergic to a ton of other things. I’ve used mango before and it can give a similar texture but definitely changes the flavor. Sometimes it is good with tacos but it’s also really good in salads! If you find anything else, please share!!
D June 14, 2018
I am also allergic to avacado. I was pleasantly surprised one time when buying asparagus. It had a tag that had a recipe for asparagus quac. Basically you steam asparagus to mashing point and all other ingredients are same for quac. Friends who’ve tried mine don’t realize it’s not made from avacado.
Nancy June 14, 2018
Sounds great! I'd like to try this version.
Another N. January 28, 2018
In cobb salad the perfect substitute is cantaloupe.
Summer O. April 5, 2017
Eggs, boiled, poached or over easy. Chèvre. Cashews. Boiled potatoes. Cannellini beans. Roasted butternut squash.
C S. April 5, 2017
When we don't have avocados I like to use either feta cheese, marinated artichoke hearts, hearts of palm or canned asparagus to add that extra something.
Ttrockwood April 4, 2017
In a salad a mild soft cheese would give you that same texture and add the fatty creaminess, cubed fresh mozzarella or farmers cheese would work well. For a more specific flavor brie or chevre.
Not quite the same salad ideas would include baked tofu cubes or cubed smoked tofu, marinated white beans...

I think tacos have enough other flavors going on that you won't miss the avocado. To add a creamy element to tacos something like a sour cream mixed with fresh cilantro and a little lime juice would be perfect, or mexican crema if you can get it.
If you basic taco includes shredded cheese, some fresh cilantro, chopped scallions, salsa, shredded cabbage or lettuce, beans, and jalapeno the avocado just gets lost in the mix anyhow.
If you're missing a creamy dip for tortilla chips a mix of sour cream with tomatillo salsa or even cashew cream with fresh herbs for a dairy free version would be easy options
Nancy April 4, 2017
In general on being deprived of a food by health or by choice reasons.
One of the things I learned from more than 20 years as a vegetarian is that it's frustrating and near impossible to replace certain tastes and textures. Better to learn new ones, develop new tasting preferences.
On avocado replacements, specifically. It is mostly (70%) fat. Consider making thick dressings, green or not, using interesting fats, cheeses, maybe green elements that complement the dishes you plan.
minibakersupreme April 4, 2017
Actually I just found this article with a few helpful suggestions. Any others?
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