Taco Variations: Where is the fashion statement I need/want?

About a year ago, I tried a fried avocado taco at a restaurant in San Diego. It was delicious. What other meatesque but veggie things (besides beans) could go into a great taco...a good pairing with chopped or chiffonaded lettuce, chopped tomatoes or salsa, cheese (either cheddar or queso fresco)? OR...other pairings...like a Mediterranean taco with hummus, cucumbers, etc. I think you could put old shoe leather into the taco base, add condiments, and it would taste good, but is there a cookbook that puts together a wardrobe of taco fillings and dressings? I want to know!

  • Posted by: MLHE
  • August 18, 2019


Stephanie B. August 20, 2019
Currently working on a vegan "ground chicken" that I'm testing out as taco filling - IF it works out I'll post the recipe.
PHIL August 20, 2019
cauliflower is actually really delicious with taco seasoning.
Valhalla August 19, 2019
You might like Tacos: Recipes and Provocations by Alex Stupak. The salsa section is superb, and there are some creative vegetable suggestions.
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