Salad for a Salad-Hater??

I can't get enough of salads. But my girlfriend is a sworn hater of anything in the same zip code as salad. Trying to think of one that we can both enjoy! She can't stand most vegetables, but loves broccoli. And bacon. And bread.

Max Jonah Filippoff


QueenSashy April 8, 2017
Grill broccoli (usually 7 min under the broiler). Make candied bacon (usually 25 min @ 350 F, sprinkled with brown sugar and your favorite spice). Make your favorite vinaigrette. No way you can go wrong...
Nancy April 7, 2017
Is this by chance a logistics/time-crunch question disguised as a taste question?
If she really doesn't like salad, maybe make other sides for meals you share and salad for yourself at times you may eat separately?
Another approach: prepare & store undressed salad fixings for a few days or week in the fridge, then assemble and dress one serving for you for dinner.
Smaug April 6, 2017
After all the efforts people have made to convince me that I really like mayonnaise, beer, fatty meat, yogurt,salty chocolate etc., my inclination would be to let her decide for herself what she wants to eat; she's really the only expert on the subject.
Tanya April 6, 2017
I thought I hated salad but it turns out that I don't like lettuce as a main ingredient or mayo-based dressings. Maybe try flipping around the ratio of greens to "stuff"?
luvcookbooks April 6, 2017
Melissa Clark's Broccoli Salad w Sesame on the NYT Cooking website. Everyone loves it. You pickle florets briefly in salt and vinegar, pour over olive oil heated w cumin and chopped garlic, then add sesame oil and red pepper flakes. Broccoli w smoked pine ton and marcona almonds on this web site is also delicious.
navahfrost April 5, 2017
I posted a recipe on this site called "Nobu meets child" salad. It's all in the dressing! It made my kids into salad eaters and you can look it up right here.
MMH April 5, 2017
Also try Chinese broccoli.
Valhalla April 5, 2017
You've got the makings of a fine one right there--you could do a combination of roasted and raw (or lightly cooked) broccoli with bacon bits and croutons. Every salad need not be leafy and raw, so go with the vegetables she likes.
jeinde April 5, 2017
Our deli makes a salad of chopped broccoli (not too fine), carrot slivers, raisins and a slightly sweet mayonnaise based dressing. The market also sells bags of broccoli slaw next to the cole slaw mix. And you might see if she would eat a grilled romaine Caesar.
PieceOfLayerCake April 5, 2017
To me, a "salad" is just a bunch of fresh (or nearly fresh) food thrown together and tied up with a flavorful, but light, dressing. Shaved broccoli can be the main portion of a salad with other goodies thrown in....but I encourage people just to combine flavors they enjoy and pair a dressing with it (even something simple like red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, a touch of mustard and olive oil). A salad shouldn't require a recipe.

The crotchety man in my wants to tell picky people to just suck it up and eat vegetables, but until then....panzanella is a good starting point. I like toasted bread, tomatoes, white beans, shaved red onion, basil and a garlicky, lemon vinaigrette.
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