Is there anyway to hack a steamer?

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Janet's Mexican Pork Tamales
Recipe question for: Janet's Mexican Pork Tamales


PieceOfLayerCake April 26, 2017
If I remember correctly, Alton brown punched a bunch of small holes (small enough so nothing falls through, but large enough to allow circulation) into several disposable pie plates and kept them elevated with balls of crumpled up foil.
HalfPint April 26, 2017
If you have a large stock pot with a lid, get or cut some chicken wire to fit inside. Lay it on top of 2 small bricks to elevate above the water.
Liz D. April 26, 2017
a colander set inside a larger pot? Cover with foil if lid won't fit
Nancy April 26, 2017
Possibly use a rice cooker or a slow cooker on a very short cycle.
And omit the plastic bag the recipe mentions.
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