I grate it.



creamtea April 28, 2017
medium-to-hard cheese; citrus zest; potatoes (in the food processor); fresh ginger; fresh garlic (sometimes).
Smaug April 28, 2017
Assuming that others have correctly guessed the question- add tomatoes; a grater can fairly efficiently (depending on ripeness) remove the peel (you grate the flesh off the peel, not vice versa). Someone also mentioned a grater on the "bread crumbs" thread on this page.
702551 April 27, 2017
Fresh ginger
Citrus fruit zest
Cinnamon sticks
scruz April 27, 2017
carrots in meatloaf and cole slaw. onions in a lot of things. potatoes and cheeses of course. cinnamon sticks, nutmeg nuts. frozen butter in pastry or crumbles. sometimes a crumbly corned beef for hash. chocolate.
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