measuring grated parmesan based on grating method

For recipes, do I weigh the hunk of cheese then grate as desired? Many recipes have "1 C grated parmesan" but that quantity would seemingly depend on if I hand grate with microplane, producing snowflake like flakes, vs with a food processor, producing more granular texture.

  • Posted by: DEG
  • December 20, 2020
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1 Comment

Nancy December 20, 2020
Deg -
While yes, there may be some variations in weight based on the grater or grating method you use, in most cases where you are cooking, the exact volume doesn't matter.
In baking, on the other hand, exact measures usually do matter because of the chemistry and balance needed among all the ingredients, amounts do matter. So if called on to use grated parmesan in baking (bread, biscotti, etc), I would use (as close as you can get) the weight, volume and/or grating method the recipe asks for.
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