I am supposed to cook quail and never done it. Looking for a great recipe and lots of explaining on how to handle the quail. I got fresh frozen quail with most bones out as it looks like...could I still stuff them?

Lisa Marlene


ktr May 9, 2017
I've never made quail but we make grouse and woodcock fairly often. Our favorite way is to stuff them with cream cheese and pickled peppers and then wrap them in bacon and grill them on a skewer.
ChefJune May 8, 2017
I like to grill them. Season the partially boned quail with salt and pepper inside and out. Stuff with crushed garlic clove and thyme. wrap with a strip of bacon (Quails have virtually no fat!) and then with a fresh (if possible) grape leaf. Grill for 5 minutes on each side. Really yummy. Really easy!
HalfPint May 8, 2017
Here are tips on how to cook quail: https://www.brokenarrowranch.com/Recipes/Quail-Cooking-Tips.htm

Bottomline: don't overcook, makes them dry and tough

If you want to stuff the boneless quail, you can. You would most likely need to truss your stuffed quail with butcher's twine and cook it. Or you can secure the roll with toothpicks.

Here's how we Viets like quail cooked:

Good luck!
Nancy May 8, 2017
Caille en sarcophage.
Quail in puff pastry
Evokes late 19th C French high cuisine and Babette's Feast, great movie of everyday joy set among, was it, Danish puritans. (Bergman's tormented clerics a generation of two before he experienced them.)
Look around...NYT, slate.com and other sites have relatively easy 1-hour versions.
Whatever you choose, enjoy and please tell us stories afterward...:)
Nancy May 9, 2017
On second thoughts, even a one-hour version of this recipe is a production.
If you want something simpler (in addition to ideas from HalfPint & ChefJune), consider an Italian approach, quails on pasta or polenta.
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