What's the change to cooking time/temp for fresh potatoes vs frozen?

I'm making a recipe that calls for frozen hashbrowns, still frozen.
I'm using fresh potatoes.
I grated the potatoes and now I'm going to boil them, I read online that was an important step when using fresh.
But, once I'm done boiling them, how do I adjust the recipe from frozen to fresh? I don't want to overcook them in the oven.

The recipe says 375 for 30-35 minutes.

Any suggestions?


Michelle church
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1 Comment

Lindsay-Jean H. February 10, 2014
I'm guessing you've already made your hash browns, but these Hotline threads have some tips that might be helpful for the next time: http://food52.com/hotline/10123-what-s-the-trick-to-hash-browns-from-scratch-i-m-trying-to-get-the-nice-golden-crust-found-in-diners and http://food52.com/hotline/5623-can-i-bake-hashbrowns-in-the-oven-instead-of-frying-on-the-stove
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