Please help with a recipe to use up frozen seafood

I have had problems in the past over buying groceries. So now in isolation I'm trying to use up some of the things I have bought and ended up in the freezer because I didn't cook them in time. I'm wondering if I can make a soup or a stew or something with the seafood. I have frozen mahi mahi, frozen scallops and Frozen cod. I also have frozen kale, frozen corn, frozen asparagus and frozen peas. Some fresh lemon and a handful of cherry tomatoes still. Plenty of dry herbs including a bit of saffron. What do you think? I enjoy using the instant pot and have a slow cooker as well!

Shana Ander


Coral L. April 6, 2020
Hi Shana—sounds like a very delicious problem you're having!

Here is a guide and recipe for that seafood (in which you can definitely use those cherry tomatoes, fresh lemon, and that saffron you mentioned):

Ideas for the frozen kale (aside from just folding it into anything stewy, even that seafood stew above!):

Some ideas for that corn:

And for the asparagus:
creamtea April 5, 2020
I might make a tomatoey fish stew with the cod: sauté the onions and some garlic in good olive oil, add tomatoes (and if you have any canned ones, add that). Toast some saffron threads lightly on a piece of aluminum foil in a slow oven (~ 175-200) for 5 minutes or so. Crumble into the mixture. Add fish, simmer. Taste for seasoning.
Nancy April 5, 2020
Not exactly recipes but suggestions:
• cod and peas can make a meal of pan-fried or deep fried fish and mushy peas (see British sites or chefs for recipes)
• scallops and asparagus go together for a light lunch or dinner
• chowder from the mahi-mahi and/or cod, corn, tomatoes. Fill out with some milk or cream, potatoes, toast
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