I was gifted some sourdough starter, which I am feeding for a few more days. Then we'll be going away, so I'll be sticking in the fridge. The immediate issue that I'm having is that the "gas" build up keeps popping the top off the Rubbermaid plastic container that I have it in. What type of container should I be using?

Jocelyn Grayson


Peanut March 6, 2011
I use a Mason jar, the kind for homemade jams, but instead of using the flat metal lid I use a piece of clean fabric held in place by the metal ring. You have to let that mother breathe.
Raquelita February 15, 2011
reminds me of my initial mistake with my "mother"--too small a jar, foamed up and out and made a huge mess in the fridge. now i use a much larger mason jar, the starter takes up a little over half the volume when more dormant, and the screw-on lid is just gently tightened, plenty of escape room for the gases.
Savorykitchen February 15, 2011
I use a Rubbermaid too. Like cookbookchick, I don't seal it either. I have kept mine in a mason jar too, but I prefer a wide-mouthed Rubbermaid as it makes it easier to scoop the starter out.
Threemealsaday February 14, 2011
Ceramic/pottery jars work well that have lids. King Arthurs Flour sells one for this purpose but any canister like that will work. Make sure you give it some head space 1/3 starter 2/3 air space is a good rule of thumb.
Madame S. February 14, 2011
I keep mine in a mason jar as well but sealed, I haven't had a problem. Maybe after a day in the fridge it will become dormant again and the gasses will subside and you will be able to seal it completely.
cookbookchick February 14, 2011
Don't seal the container -- just lay the top on it or cover it loosely with plastic wrap. I keep mine in an Oxo container, the kind with the pop-up in the center of the lid, and just leave the pop--up "up." I use one large enough so that there is a lot of air space between the starter and the top of the container. I also sometimes keep some starter in a glass mason jar with the cap on but not not screwed down. I'm sure others will have suggestions, as well. By the way, the starter will keep for quite a long while in the fridge until you are ready to feed it again.
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