Sourdough for breakfast or maybe lunch

Seeking inspiration for a sourdough based breakfast.

I just captured a new sourdough starter and it's finally ready to use. Thing is, it's too darn hot now to put the oven on. What's a good stove top breakfast thing to make from Sourdough?

Originally I was thinking sourdough pancakes, I make a fantastic batter if I may say so myself, but it's such a heavy way to start the day.

Flat breads are good, and I might just make them for lunch to go with some lentil curry, but again, they are a bit heavy... or maybe they are just too ordinary.

So, any good recomendations for something quick and stovetop to cook from sourdough? I'll be cooking something a few days in a row to get the starter nice and healthy, so lots of suggestions please.



Brady K. August 4, 2014
I would suggest revisiting pancakes....true sourdough pancakes are unlike other pancakes; they lack the heaviness that you are trying to avoid. They're much more like sour crepes than pancakes. If you go with fruit on them, instead of whipped cream and maple syrup, you have a delicious and light breakfast.

Sourdough bagels are also quite delicious, as is a sourdough fruit and walnut bread.

That said, my favorite sourdough breakfast is easy: sourdough toast with butter and kosher salt!
Nancy August 4, 2014
Trampledbygeese - this is a nice problem to have. I would go with thin flatbread or pancake, which reduces cooking time, and get your flavoring from'atar and olive oil, summer berries and stone fruit with yogurt, fried or hard boiled eggs, pizza-style sauce and vegetables, whatever's around & to taste...
Susan W. August 4, 2014
I just looked for my crumpet recipe, but's missing. King Arthur has one and it just might be the one I used. I prefer crumpets over english muffins because of the spongey factor and little holes. I lived in Yorkshire for a year and the school cook made the best crumpets.
Liza's K. August 4, 2014
Stove top sourdough English muffins are a wonderful treat in the morning.
trampledbygeese August 4, 2014
Oh yes! Even better than crumpets. Trots off to find a recipe. Keep the ideas coming, I would love to do a different sourdough something every day this week.
trampledbygeese August 4, 2014
Oh noses, is it possible that this site doesn't yet have a recipe for sourdough english muffins? That's terrible.
Liza's K. August 4, 2014
Are you definitely against turning on the oven?
Liza's K. August 4, 2014
This is one I've used:
trampledbygeese August 4, 2014
No oven. The house did cool down to 79F last night, with it in the high 80s during the day. I usually wait till it's less than 75F in the house before turning on the mega-heater (oven), otherwise there is no chance of sleep. It's a poorly designed house. If I get up before 6am, I may cook on the hob, otherwise I have a camp stove outside.
Brady K. August 4, 2014
Do you have a toaster?

My mom makes sourdough loaves, 2 or 3 at a time, about twice a week. As soon as they're cooled, we slice them and throw them in the freezer. Two cycles through the toaster in the morning and we've got the base for almost every single breakfast we have!
Susan W. August 4, 2014
How about crumpets? I love them topped with a fried egg and avocado. You can get fancy and top the crumpet with pan fried pancetta, prosciutto or ham and make a quick blender hollandaise. Crumpets can be made, cooled, bagged and frozen too. Now I want crumpets.
Susan W. August 4, 2014
Also, if you don't own crumpet rings, you can use a can (tuna works great) with the bottom removed and you can even make them free form, but the will be thinner.
trampledbygeese August 4, 2014
Oh, exciting. Never made crumpets before. Off to search for recipes. Do you have one you like best?
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