Cereal Milk Leftover Mush--Ideas?

Whipping up some cereal milk a la Christina Tosi--any ideas for what to do with the leftover cornflake mush after the milk is drained off? I can't compost much in my tiny loft and would hate to toss some perfectly good carbs! Whatdy'all think? Pancakes? Quickbreads? Breadcrumb-sub in meatballs???



HalfPint May 15, 2017
Cornbread pudding, maybe?
Em May 14, 2017
Yeah, I bet they'd be good as fritters or pancakes. Or, because they're already saturated with milk, you could probably just add them to any baking project you have going already without having to mess with your dry/liquids ratio.
PieceOfLayerCake May 12, 2017
I think you answered your own question! I would think it would work good as panade in meatballs/meatloaf!
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