Any suggestions on surviving a kitchen remodel? I will have a temp kitchen but minimal counter space - trying to plan ahead(and not panic).

  • Posted by: debi
  • May 17, 2017


Sam1148 May 20, 2017
Pull out a couple of doors from a bedroom or two.
Put the doors between chairs to make 'counter space" or use whatever you can find to support the doors. Then you can put appliances, (toaster oven, microwave, etc) on the doors.
Cover the doors with some plastic wrap..and top with with some butcher paper (basic brown paper on rolls from the art store) or what you have on hand. Have a second 'wet' area with one of those spigot bottled water things from wal-mart...and a few bowls for a basin. And another bowl for scraps and water drainage.
BerryBaby May 18, 2017
We did this last fall and it seemed like forever but it was only 4 weeks. There are a couple of threads from last year you should check out.
Be patient, the rewards are SO worth it! I could live in our kitchen. Well, I actually do during the day. I'm not kidding but everything tastes better. I think its because new oven and cooktop temperatures are more accurate. Never realized what a difference it made. Enjoy!
mixter May 18, 2017
I second the electric skillet. It was super helpful during our remodel... easy to clean and multi-functional. I grabbed one cheap at a garage sale shortly before the remodel.
debi May 20, 2017
I hadn't even thought about electric skillet - thanks for putting it on my radar!
dinner A. May 18, 2017
I use an electric skillet to cook many varieties of savory pancakes for dinner on my porch in the summer. Socca, zucchini fritters, potato cakes, Thai corn cakes...the list goes on. It's also great for any sort of one-pot simmered or sauteed dish of course.
Also, if you have space not too far from a sink, consider a portable dishwasher. You can find them for not too much on Craigslist and resell when you're done. I personally would be pretty depressed by the waste of disposable dishes for any length of time.
My F. May 18, 2017
I stocked my parent's freezer when they were doing a remodel that finished about 2 years ago, but since the work was being done in the winter/early spring it was a bunch of stews and heartier foods... For summer I think having a bunch of grains and beans precooked in the freezer, things that take awhile to boil as well as your families favorite sauces (including things like hummus or pesto that take up a bunch of counter space to make though dont necessarily use appliances you wont have access to) and if there are a lot of crock pot recipes you like premaking a bunch of stock was really helpful for us. Also, something my mom was very skeptical of were freezing quishe/fritatta/other egg based dishes. The beauty of them, especially for ya'll in summer, is that they are often meant to be eaten at room temperature so you don't need to worry about the texture of re-cooked baked eggs.

Another question for prepping you should consider: how much access will you have to your sink? My parents had to wash everything in buckets on an end table in the living room or in the bathtub upstairs. We found plastic crockpot liners and paper based (so they could be microwaved) disposable casserole and to-go containers very helpful; there was also much less rice happening that usual in their house because the rice cooker was so hard to clean.
caninechef May 18, 2017
Good point on considering the clean-up. It is the perfect season for the grill, paper plates and salads.
MMH May 18, 2017
The thing that made me most crazy was no sink. My neighbor had her plumber connect a sink in her basement which I thought was a great idea. Just bite the bullet and buy preprepared fruits & veggies so you don't have to worry about washing them.
debi May 18, 2017
pesto! i always forget how well it freezes. good thought. we have a utility sink in the laundry room which is where my temp kitchen will be - it's not big but it is deep and WAY better than resorting to washing dishes in the bathtub. i wish i had room for a portable dishwasher :/
Windischgirl May 17, 2017
The portable gas burner is a hot plate, only propane fueled rather than electric. We do use it indoors but in a ventilated area, of course.
debi May 18, 2017
That might be the way to go - plus then we can do hot pot ;) I keep thinking I should try to stock my freezer but other than beans/tomato sauce/chili I'm just not sure what I would freeze.
MMH May 17, 2017
There was a lengthy post about this last summer. You might want to search it. It might also be helpful to know what fixtures you have in your temp kitchen.
debi May 17, 2017
I have an instant pot/micro/toaster oven. I also have a grill outside. Thinking about getting a hot plate or something like that? I have a campstove but that has to stay outside which can be logistically tricky...
Windischgirl May 17, 2017
Pull out the grill! And the slow cooker or instant pot!
Consider getting a portable gas burner, last seen at our local pan-Asian grocery for $30 (we take ours camping, so the campfire is just for looks...and warmth).
I have a pitiful amount of counter space so my overflow is my dining room table and buffet, and even the table my husband uses for a desk. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
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