no kitchen for 3 weeks what to make?

we are getting a new kitchen, but the Work will leve us whit out a kitchen for 3 weeks. We have a microwave and are buying one burnerplate. Any ideas for what to make? I have some frezermeals (variasion on meatsause) but not enoff for 3 weeks.
Take out are expensiv in Denmark, so we cant live of that for so long.

Jenny Maria


BerryBaby October 18, 2016
I'm in the same situation, kitchen remodel. I guess I didn't really think it was going to be that big of an inconvenience....I was so wrong! Like others have suggested, I pulled out the slow cooker and made exception soup and stews. We have the fridge available, which is a HUGE plus. Canned potatoes, green beans, tuna, all wonderful as well.
Robin October 13, 2016
slow cooker meals, they are so easy or your grill. I re-did my kitchen and made soup each weekend in the slow cooker and just has a microwave in my living room. But I also did a lot of grilling or foil packets on the grill with veggies, etc.
SpaCook October 12, 2016
Electric tea kettles are also a huge help--great for boiling water for couscous and bulgur, and for giving a head start to that pasta water on that single burner!
caninechef October 12, 2016
I think a slow cooker would be very handy. Great for whole chickens cooked down in own juice, pot roast, soups, stews. If you have any interest in owning a toaster oven you might find that helpful also as long as you are cooking for only a few people. I have baked many a pasta or casserole type dish in toaster oven.
Jenny M. October 12, 2016
I got a slowcooker, so great ide
MMH October 12, 2016
My neighbor remodeled her kitchen after I had remodeled mine. She did 2 things I wish I'd done - she had her kitchen sink temporarily plumbed into her basement (I missed the sink more than anything) and she used a slow cooker.
Jenny M. October 12, 2016
We got a sink and I dig out the slowcooker
BerryBaby October 22, 2016
I've been using the utility sink in the laundry with a dish pan for washing the dishes. I can't wait for this to be completed! Thankfully, we have the microwave and oven but still hard to prepare anything without counters. I feel for you, Jenny Marie!
Dawn C. October 12, 2016
Eat out and explore some new restaurants for inspiration you can use in your new kitchen.
Jenny M. October 12, 2016
Eating out is even more expensiv then take out.
My F. October 12, 2016
Any chance you have a rice cooker around? Or are they are as cheap in Denmark as in the US? Making things in the rice cooker was something my parents relied on when they were renovating their kitchen because they also had to clean up in buckets or the bathroom sink and it is very easy to clean in a bucket compared to a full pot/pan.

You can hydrate lots of grains besides rice following the regular directions, to eat with a simple salad, seared meat (and if it were me a vinaigrette over all three). Simple food, but you can change up each component to have increased variety. In addition, there are a handful of weird things you can make in a rice cooker that you would normally bake in the oven, like frittatas and curries, this lifehaker list looks like it has all of the techniques I know:
Jenny M. October 12, 2016
No rice cooker, they are not comon in Denmark
Jo S. October 12, 2016
One-pot pasta dinners are great!
Salads are easy too. Actually just google posh student meals and you will find a ton of recipes! And congrats with the new kitch! :)
Jo S. October 12, 2016
Jenny M. October 12, 2016
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