Watermelon cooking

Could i and would it be possible to slice, dice , chop or what not watermelon and add it to cheesecake batter to bake it within the batter

Patrick Neill


Exbruxelles May 22, 2017
I tried--and failed--to make watermelon concentrate for gelato. The result was a nasty mess that tasted vaguely like squash. In my experience, watermelon doesn't hold up at all well to sustained heat. A quick pass on the grill? Sure. Baked? Hmm, maybe not.
Patrick N. May 21, 2017
And whatnot watermelon steak.... ? Weird combination come in to exsistnce from random pairings all the time
Uncle J. May 21, 2017
Creamtea is right. Its just too watery.

Having said that, if you are willing to experiment a bit, consider the old timey Southern treat Watermelon Rind Preserves. They come out wildly flavorful. I can certainly see a nice cheese cake topped with chopped watermelon preserves. Lots of recipes if you google it.
Danielle T. May 21, 2017
I have a recipe for a watermelon pudding somewhere that is used as a pie filling. I haven't tried it yet but, if it works, I could see layering it with cheesecake. Hmmm... maybe?
creamtea May 21, 2017
I don't see the flavor or texture of watermelon as being compatible with cheesecake at all. They are mostly watery with not a lot of "solids". The pieces of melon will collapse during baking and you'll have pools of pinkish water ruining the overall effect. There are better fruits to try with cheesecake, (cherry, blueberry, strawberry etc.). Often, they are toppings added after the cheesecake is baked. However, here is a raspberry cheesecake from Martha Stewart via Smitten Kitchen that uses the fresh fruit: https://smittenkitchen.com/2014/08/raspberry-swirl-cheesecake/
I see watermelon as working well in granita, a frozen dessert, rather than cheesecake. https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1014903-watermelon-granita
Patrick N. May 21, 2017
I have a binder full of my own creative cheese cake flavors but I just thought it would pair well esp when watermelon sherbet taste so well with and as a topping of cheesecake
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