Best casual dinner experience in Manhattan that doesn't cost a fortune?

My partner and I will be staying in Midtown but we're willing to travel for delicious food. We like everything--in a place like NYC, I know that's the worst thing to say because of all the possibilities! Thanks for your input!

Mary Catherine Tee


sexyLAMBCHOPx May 26, 2017
Since you're in Midtown, walk over to Koreatown, centered on West 32nd Street between Fifth Avenue and the intersection of Sixth Avenue and Broadway, which is known as Greeley Square. Great Korean BBQ and reasonably priced (and delicious!).
PHIL May 26, 2017
Hi Mary, go to They usually have good write ups, There are to many great places to mention. I commented on the thread Ali mentioned also. In general I find the East village is usually cheaper than other parts of the city. Enjoy and reply back after your trip.
Ali W. May 25, 2017
Check out this thread:
Mary C. May 25, 2017
This is most helpful, thank you! My search-skills are sub-par apparently. :-)
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