How to store gluten free foods

A few months ago I found out my 6 year old is very allergic to 5 foods, wheat, gluten, corn, oats and soy. She cant even have corn syrup. I did not know this until I had her tested since I have taken all of those things out of her diet her hair has started growing and she doesn't look like skin and bones anymore. Since she has so many of those allergies, I have been making food from scratch for her at home. Does anyone know the best way to store home made bread and things like that. thank you in advance

  • Posted by: Rebecca
  • December 14, 2016
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1 Comment

Liz D. December 14, 2016
I keep my homemade bread in the freezer--I slice it first, then freeze it in a ziploc bag. You could put little pieces of parchment between slices if you are worried about getting the slices apart later-I don't have a problem with that, but gluten-free might break easier...
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