Need baking pan advice

I'm making a recipe from GBBO Season 2. It's the "berry crumble traybake," and it calls for a 26cm x 20 cm (10 1/2in x 8 inch) pan. Never heard of that size pan. Per Joy of Baking, 10x10x2 (which I don't have) is 12 cups and 11x7 (which I do have) is 6 cups. I would love to double the recipe, but I can't go larger than my roughly 13x9 springform lasagna pan (14 cups). Thoughts? Thanks!

Jocelyn Grayson


Jocelyn G. May 29, 2017
9x9 turned out very well. My husband *really* likes it, which is always a bonus. Thanks for all the help with volume and area! Much appreciated.
Jocelyn G. May 28, 2017
Thanks for the additional thoughts. I made a single batch (which seems more manageable, anyway) using a 9x9 pan. It's still cooling, and we're going out, so I won't be trying it until much later tonight or tomorrow morning. It's definitely more work than any coffee cake that I've made before, so hopefully it turned out okay!
foofaraw May 28, 2017
Looking forward to hear the result!
Nancy May 28, 2017
Another way to solve/think about this.
Use one of various charts on baking pan volume (link below) to decide which pan(s) to use if you don't have the pan specified in the recipe.
Then, if you don't find the pan in the charts, use some geometry and a conversion factor on the web to figure the volume of the pan.
In this case, 26 x 20 x 2 (probable height in cm of original pan) gives 1040 cubic centimeters. That's 4.4 US cups. If you want to double the recipe, use any combination that gives you about 9 cups.
Good luck and let us know how it works out...
Jocelyn G. May 28, 2017
thank you!
Nancy May 28, 2017
PS After I wrote yesterday, I was worried whether my assumption of 2 cm depth was correct & whether that would give you a bum steer on pan size needed for double the recipe.
Found on Lakeland (a British housewares company) a pan almost exactly the same size as GBBO specified - this one 25 by 20 - but it had a 3.5 cm height (nearly double the 2cm I estimated). Here's the pan:
That would change the capacity needed for original recipe to 1820 cu cm or 7.7 cups.
Thus, you would need to bake twice in an 8 cup pan or use a 16 cup pan (hard to use in most home ovens and get both center and sides cooked through).
Hope this additional info comes to you in time.
Jocelyn G. May 27, 2017
foofaraw May 27, 2017
Since the height is not much importance as long as it is taller than the traybake's height, I would only focus on the area. Doubling the pan would require 10.5*8*2=168 Can you use a 13*9 pan and a 9*5 pan (162
Jocelyn G. May 27, 2017
Maybe...Even if I just did one batch, I can't figure out the pan size.
foofaraw May 27, 2017
If you want to do 1 recipe, 9*9 pan would suffice (81 vs original 84
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