How to turn brownie batter into brownie pancakes?

I made brownie batter, but I want to make pancakes. Can I somehow turn the batter into brownie pancakes?

  • Posted by: Blue
  • June 4, 2017


creamtea June 4, 2017
wow, you should submit this as a recipe! Who wouldn't want brownie-batter pancakes?
Nancy June 4, 2017
Add milk (or if you don't have any, water eith a little bit of mekted butter) to the batter.
Judge by eye and want a thick liquid (between thin texture of water and thick texture of brownie batter). Test by making a small pancake. If it works, you've got the right texture. If not, add some more milk and test again.
Also, if your batter has already sat for a while, the raising element may be exhausted. If the test pancakes are a bit flat, add 1-3 tsp of baking powder.
Good luck & please tell us your results...:)
Nancy June 4, 2017
Should read:
With a little bit of melted butter
Blue June 4, 2017
Thanks so much! they where great!
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