Can you use Greek yogurt in yogurt pancakes?

I want to make yogurt pancakes, which from recipes I've seen appear to be buttermilk pancakes with yogurt subbed in with a little milk added to even out the consistency of the batter. I've never tried using Greek yogurt before, but it's all I have. Can I do a straight substitution? Should I add more milk?

  • Posted by: Scriwi
  • April 12, 2013


boulangere April 12, 2013
Yes, you certainly can. Be sure to start with a recipe which calls for buttermilk, as it will also include enough baking soda to neutralize the acid in both buttermilk and greek yogurt. Mix all the ingredients together, and if the consistency seems thick, as it likely will, thin it out with some milk, adding a couple of ounces at a time. Try out some test pancakes until you get the ideal consistency and result. Sounds great!
ebernhard June 30, 2023
I've tried four different pancake recipes, and this one is the simplest and most reliable; it has a bouncy texture geometry dash and is delicious when I add honey, cinnamon, and cheese to the mix.
rosydam September 8, 2023
me too, and You can give it a try
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