Smoked rice ideas...?

I bought smoked rice this afternoon at my local middle eastern market thinking it smelled fantastic and wondering now what to do with it? Internet thus far has been surprisingly less useful than usual for this kind of thing! Thanks !!

Plum in the Icebox


Nancy June 8, 2017
Try again in your search engine.
I turned up about 13 million references, including several recipes.
Some use the product Liquid Smoke, which I remember hearing was possibly - like some secondhand barbecue smoke - unhealthy in large quantities.
But many entries are recipes with real ingredients.
Plum I. June 8, 2017
Thanks-yes I did see recipes of course but I usually find a million for any one thing I search for and nothing on any trusted pages like this one, is why I asked. And as you referenced is largely for the rice itself -which I already have-I bought rice that is already smoked. Thanks for taking the time, cheers
Nancy June 8, 2017
OK, Plum, I get it ;)
Internet less than useful = you didnt know what to rely on, not that you didnt find any recipes.
Beth June 7, 2017
Perhaps go back to the market, I bet the they will be happy to teach you how to prepare it.
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