We have a Avancini spiral dough kneader Sp 40 124kg volume 49L we have no manual, does anyone know the least amout fo dry mix we can use?

We want it to work effectively but dont want to go overboard on ingredience while trialling, will it still work wiht only %kg dry mix?

  • Posted by: Shan
  • June 11, 2017


Nancy June 11, 2017
I was able to find your machine but no capacity specs on-line.
Maybe email the manufacturer or a distributor and ask.
Shan June 11, 2017
Thanks Nancy , I thought of that too, we are about to make pizzas in a woodfired oven and as it is Sunday no one would be answering my emails today :-(
Nancy June 11, 2017
Shan, try anorher search without the brand name, include the word "capacity" and the model description specs and you may get useful info.
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