How to make dry cake mix for a dump cake

I want to make a dump cake but I don’t have cake mix and can’t afford to go buy some but I have all the ingredients to make some from scratch

Kait Anne Payne


Nancy August 5, 2018
Kait Anne - have a look at this from-scratch version of dump cake. It might do what you want.
Kait A. August 4, 2018
Amendment. I’ve been googling recipes for dry cake mix but every one of them says you need to add eggs and milk. I just want to use the mix for a dump cake wherein the only liquid used is melted butter, to make a cross between a cobbler and a cake. Do I need to add the eggs and milk?
BakerRB August 4, 2018
My dump cake experience is to pour canned fruit (e.g., cherry pie filling) on the bottom of the pan, sprinkle on a box of cake mix, top with sliced or melted butter. If this is the kind of thing you're aiming for, no, don't add the eggs and milk. Adding the eggs and milk would be to make a cake from the dry mix, and that's not the goal here. I googled and checked out a few recipes too. I think just the dry mix portion of the recipes will be lacking some flavor a bought mix would have. I'd mix the dry ingredients and I'd work in a little (a few tablespoons?) oil/shortening/butter and a little vanilla extract (and/or other flavoring that would complement your fruit) to have the mix mimic the boxed version a littler more. It should still be pretty uniform and powdery, so if by hand you may have to work it for a while to get there.
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