Old fashioned peanut butter fudge?

My grandmother makes the best fudge, while I have finally figured out her regular fudge recipe I have a hard time figuring out her peanut butter fudge recipe. She has dementia now so I can't ask her.
Her peanut butter fudge recipe goes against everything I know about fudge, its cooking and stirring process.

She wants me to boil water, then add sugar and a bit of cocoa.
Then reduce to medium heat
Cook to softball stage
Reduce to low heat
Add butter and vanilla and stir until melted
Then take away from heat and quickly add peanut butter and pour into a pan immediately
But when I do this I get the dreaded large crystals forming.
What should I do?

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1 Comment

Liz D. June 25, 2017
When I make fudge, I don't stir until it cools to just warm, otherwise it gets grainy. Maybe add the peanut butter to the pan just as it comes off the heat, but don't stir, just let it sit on top...let it sit until the candy has cooled to just warm, then stir?
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