Enchilada sauce with frozen red chile puree?

I'm having cravings for enchiladas. I have a tub of red chile puree I made in the winter from dried red chiles, water, and some seasoning. Any ideas on how to turn this into enchilada sauce?



scruz July 24, 2017
i make home made enchilada/ranchero sauce all of the time. lucky you with the puree. i would put some in a blender with a couple of cloves of garlic, some green chilis like a jalepeno, a half an onion, and some roma tomatoes, all fresh veggies roasted on iron frying pan or over flame. whizz it. some add dry chicken powder (bullion cubes) and maybe some fresh coriander and some coriander. you can either strain it or not but it must be cooked first either in frying pan or pot with some oil in it heated up. it will sizzle and then you simmer for maybe a half hour. you can add water if too thick or leave as is. and if you have a stick blender, that works well too. i would only make enough so you can use up within a few days but i wouldn't freeze it. i'm sure it will be really good.
scruz July 24, 2017
i didn't mean coriander twice but meant cumin.
sexyLAMBCHOPx July 24, 2017
Sure, why not? I would defrost your red chili puree, warm on the stove-top, add a thickener (flour), some tomato paste or tomato sauce and blend with some broth to the right consistency. Add spices that may not be included in your puree, such ass cumin, cinnamon, chili powder, garlic, Mexican oregano. I make mine with splash of vinegar or lime. I would bloom the new spices with some vegetable oil on the stove-top add the flour, your puree and the rest of my suggestions.
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