My sweet limes aren't sweet OR sour. Just kind of bland. What should I do with them?



Jean |. February 27, 2011
I'm certainly no expert on sweet limes, but we didn't get a single tasty one from that tree that produced for three seasons before we axed it. And everyone we mentioned it to who had ever tasted a sweet lime gave them a thumbs down. I hope you find some more that you like, but I can't think of anything that wouldn't be better with regular limes. Maybe the flavorful ones you got were just a fluke? Perhaps you could talk to someone at a plant nursery about them.
linzarella February 26, 2011
But I've had amazing sweet limes before -- almost like meyer lemons, but limes. These were the first duds I've gotten.
Jean |. February 26, 2011
Nothing. Sweet limes are neither sweet nor sour. They are perfectly bland. There is nothing to be done with them. We once had a sweet lime tree. It was a waste of space, so we tore it out and planted a real lime tree.
Panfusine February 20, 2011
Pair them with another citrus to get an absolutely new unique perspective for your dish!
Sam1148 February 19, 2011
Maybe dehydrate them to intensify the flavor. zest and cut away the pith. Dry the meat and zest. Then grind to powder in a coffee grinder.
Mix with salt ground to a fine powder. Add paprika, garlic powder, ginger and white or cayenne pepper (to taste) to make a popcorn salt.
(clean you coffee grinder by grinding some rice to remove flavor).
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