Do you have ideas about cooking with yuzu, limequats, sweet limes, mandarinquats? Just bought. Not sure what 2 do.



BoulderGalinTokyo January 24, 2013
Luvcookbooks--I'm trying to discover the English names of several citrus I have in my Japanese garden. I know the Yuzu and kumquat but still have 4 other kinds I'm not sure of their name. Is it possible you could send a photo? limequats, sweet limes, mandarinquats are very interesting!
nutcakes January 21, 2013
How fun! Yuzu is a component of Ponzu sauce which you can use for fish or seared or raw tuna. I would use the zest to make a vodka drink or to infuse vodka.
susan G. January 21, 2013
I believe I have seen yuzu in salad dressings, in the lemon - orange context. And that curd looks very tempting. I've never seen them for sale here (SW NH), though.
ATG117 January 21, 2013
I have not tried this, but just came across it:

You can also use these as subs for citrus in other recipes. Any of them might work nicely in place of the lemon in the genius recipe for lemon cream tart posted today.

Yuzu works well in lots of japanese preparations
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