Farmers Market Favorites

Our farmers markets are booming this year! With all the choices it's a feast of freshness! Last weekend I bought t-bone steaks from a local rancher. Haven't tried them yet but they look amazing! Loving the variety of fresh products. In addition to produce, what does your farmers feature? BB



BerryBaby August 15, 2017
At the market this weekend they were already talking about fall produce squash, root vegetables, and pumpkins!
I must admit I think fall at the farmers market is the best time of year I love all the fall produce.
Our trees are starting to turn so it's not that far off .
Seems like the summer flew by in a flash!
BerryBaby August 8, 2017
I remember when the farmers markets sold only produce. Now they are a market place for all things local.
HalfPint August 7, 2017
Mine offers seafood, local cheese, local honey, and local organic soy (tofu) products), bread, and flowers. There's even a food stall that has a portable tandoori oven that whips out fresh naan (OMG).
Lindsay-Jean H. August 7, 2017
I just went crazy purchasing $1 perennial plants at mine this weekend!
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