What to do with 50 one-cup Pyrex bowls?

When my son was born, I made the decision that once he started solids, I would make all his foods from scratch. From purees and baby food, to pre-prepped toddler meals and snacks. In the process, I slowly accumulated about 50 one-cup glass Pyrex bowls -- those little round ones with lids -- which rotated between the freezer, the fridge, the oven, the dishwasher, etc. Now that my son is old enough/less picky enough to just eat what we eat, I have stopped making these pre-prepped freezer kiddie meals. But now I have 50 one-cup glass Pyrex bowls clogging up my pantry. Any suggestions on what I can use them for? I guess I can keep making one-cup things to store in the freezer. But another issue that has popped up is, since I am using them less and less, some of the lids now have a funky stale smell to them. Any suggestion on how to get rid of that smell?

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Cookin' K. August 25, 2017
Sorry, need a PS, here. Most emergency women's shelters are "off the grid" & not easily contacted for obvious reasons.
Not sure where you live, but if you contact your local county/parish/city hall, they can either be your liaison or set you up with one.
Cookin' K. August 25, 2017
Thinking a bit out of the box, do you have a locally-own café near you? Small businesses can always use the support. (While the whiffy lids may not be suitable, the little bowls could have endless uses both in front and back of house.)
Or, ask a local charity, shelter, or day center. Pyrex is such a strong product and can last forever (ok, within reason/good care). It would be a gift appreciated for many, many years.
Lost_in_NYC August 23, 2017
Use them as spice containers in your pantry for some larger quantity powers. Label them with the name and date so you know how old/new the food item is.

Otherwise, I would definitely keep them and stored away (cleaned and wrapped up) once you decide the correct number to have out for regular-every day use. You'll never know how they'll come in handy for around the house (projects?) or for your kids in creative ways.

They are too good to give away!
702551 August 22, 2017
As for deodorizing the lids, I suggest a short soak in a diluted distilled white vinegar bath followed by a trip through the dishwasher.

As for what to do with all of the bowls, I suggest donating to a local school, church, or charity.

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Nancy August 22, 2017
Store nuts, seeds, spices, small seasonings like bouillon cubes.
Pack and freeze individual desserts. Some can be eaten lightly thawed, some can be heated for serving.
Pack individual Halloween food gifts to give out at the door.
Pack jams and sauces to give away at Christmas, with coordinated gifts of breads or crackers.
Use in home office to corral small items (if you still use them) like paper clips, thumb tacks etc.
Use in kitchen to corral other small items - rubber bands, twist ties, those plastic clips that come on bread bags.
fitzie August 22, 2017
I'd keep about half and take the rest to the thrift store.
fitzie August 22, 2017
I'd keep some for storage of small amounts. I'd make jelly or jan and use them for this and you could use parrafin for a lid instead of the smelly ones. I'd take the rest, probably about half, to the thrift store.

dinner A. August 22, 2017
Wow, 50 is an impressive collection! I have a much smaller number of those myself that I use frequently for food storage. If you haven't already considered this, I think you could easily sell your collection via Craigslist, keeping whatever number suits your now more run-of-the mill storage needs.
As for off smells from storage, are you storing them closed? That will definitely cause things to pick up a funk in storage. Either way, a trip or two through the dishwasher will probably help. I've heard that a baking soda paste can help remove smells also.
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