Brown spots on broccoli

I have some broccoli that has developed brown "spots" in a number of places where the main stalk break off into the multiple, narrow, "branches" that go to the florets. All of the brown parts are exactly at these junctions, go all or most of the way around the circumference of the branches, but do not continue further up towards the floret. Not all of the branches have them, but enough do as to make the whole thing appear to be full of them (in reality it is probably somewhere around one quarter to one third).

What are these, and are they safe to eat? I have been eating the rest of the broccoli and it tastes fine; it is just a pain to weed out the spotted parts and other members of my family are less adventuresome with eating brown things that have not been "certified" safe. Thanks.



Vlad M. October 24, 2019
Lindsay-Jean, broccoli always gets those dark (brown, dark grey or black) spots after having been stored for only a day or two. If you're not very careful, you may even buy them from your supermarket with those spots already on their crowns. Surprise many people don't notice them.
Lindsay-Jean H. August 25, 2017
I haven't seen that before, so rather than weigh in with a personal opinion, you might want to ask a food safety expert:
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