Canelli beans and chickpeas both got brown/purple spots after I cooked them...

I’m not sure how to post a photo on here if somebody can let me know I will gladly put it up. I was making white bean soup. I put one can of Canelli beans and two cans of chickpeas I rinsed them both didn’t see anything weird and then when I put them in the crockpot they came out with purple spots on them or brownish spots. I’ve never had this problem before has anybody heard of this or experienced it

  • Posted by: Nicole
  • March 13, 2018


Vandana March 15, 2018
I wonder if those were dry spots. I generally cook chickpeas in a pressure cooker, and if I've cooked them for too long or in the absence of enough water, portions of the beans dry out and it looks like the beans are spotted. The very first time that I ever made chickpeas, the top layer came out looking like Dalmatian beans and all the chickpeas beneath were uniformly darker and hard as rocks.

No canellini experience, sorry. But my guess is the same, and if it happens again, you may not need to throw it all.
Nicole March 15, 2018
Thanks yes the beans were Put in last so they were more towards the top and most of the liquid was about halfway down. But I have made it like that almost every time I made it. I’m going to do it again and see what happens
702551 March 13, 2018
Very strange especially since you said that you rinsed both beans and a visual inspection did not reveal anything odd.

That would indicate that the spots developed during the cooking which points to some sort of chemical reaction between the beans and the other ingredients (and possibly with the cooking vessel itself).

You could split some of the spotted beans open to see if there's anything inside, but it doesn't look like an insect infestation. Maybe a diseased bean plant? Possible, but very odd that it affected both the cannellini beans and the chickpeas which were canned separately. Plus, you said you didn't see anything when you rinsed the beans.

Did you change anything else with your ingredients? A different brand of something?

In any case, I would probably throw away, start again, maybe ask the merchant for a refund for the beans (show the photos).
Nicole March 13, 2018
Yes I threw everything away. No nothing was changed and even when I took some of the beans and split apart the spots didn’t go any farther than the skin. I sent these pictures to go up to ask them what the hell this is also hopefully somebody has seen this before
Nicole March 13, 2018
Here’s another photo
Liz D. March 13, 2018
Maybe the dried basil stained the beans? But other than that, I've no idea, and the internet didn't provide any useful info, either. Sorry about that; maybe someone else here has some input.
702551 March 13, 2018
It seems unlikely that the dried basil stained the beans. People have been cooking beans with dried herbs for tens of thousands of years.
Liz D. March 13, 2018
I didn't really think it was the basil, but couldn't think of anything else it could it was just a guess
Liz D. March 13, 2018
What else was in the pot? I see tomatoes and some little seeds? Could the spots have come from prolonged contact with some kind of spice/seed in the dish that leached color onto the beans? I can't imagine that 2 different kinds of canned beans would have mold or anything that would show up on both upon further cooking, so my thought is it's something else in the dish?
Nicole March 13, 2018
I chop up one onion. Put in 1 tablespoon of dried basil. One can of crushed tomatoes with basil in there also. And 2 cups of vegetable broth Akeem in the container. Do you think that would do it? It’s so weird I’ve made this the exact same way so many times and have never seen this before
Nicole March 13, 2018
OK I figured out how to add a photo. They did not look like this when I put them in I thought maybe they got Burnt but I don’t believe that is the case
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