My Kouing Aman dough starts to melt as soon as I add sugar

Not claiming to be a good baker, but I have done some home baked croissant, got the layers.

When I tried Kouing Aman, followed all the instructions, all seemed fine until I add sugar (in lamination). The dough (or the sugar inside) literally started to melt, though it was just less than a minute from the fridge (actually placed in freezer for 5 min before doing this). Though continued to chill the dough in freezer/fridge before the final round, it all appeared hopeless.

Proof/rise for an hour before baking. What I got was a muffin, no layers.

What did I do wrong?

George H
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1 Comment

PieceOfLayerCake August 23, 2017
I've heard all these people suggest adding the sugar to the lamination, and its apparently quite traditional....but I just roll out the laminated dough, dredge the surface in sugar, fold it up and bake it that way. I've never added sugar to the lamination because anything that interrupts that structure causes some collapse in my experience.
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