Cured egg yolks

I want to make cured egg yolks. I have a packet of pasteurized egg yolks, can I use these?

Marit Grimstad


caninechef September 5, 2017
Are pasteurized egg yolks whole? I have never used them but envisioned them as something like scrambled eggs.
Shuna L. September 2, 2017
Hello Marit Grimstad,

Using pasteurized egg yolks is fine, but you should check the label on the product of which you speak. If there's any other ingredient in that package besides egg yolks, I don't suggest it, as you'll only be concentrating the flavor/strength of the other ingredients. I once worked in a restaurant that used pasteurized egg yolks for their ice cream. There was a stabilizer in the yolks which rendered the ice cream bitter, so it had to be compensated with more sugar. Simple preparations - ones involving very few ingredients - taste of the sum of their pats, so it's best to use ingredients that are free and clear of extraneous flavors, etc.
Marit G. September 2, 2017
thanks I'll check
HalfPint September 1, 2017
How are you curing the egg yolks?
HalfPint September 1, 2017
I think it would be ok to use pasteurized egg yolks.
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