Cooking popcorn on old fashioned electric stove

I think my popcorn is burning I need advice to know if it is or not

Destini Kokkinis


Sam1148 September 2, 2017
Get a Whirley Pop.
Susan September 2, 2017
I always make my popcorn on the stove. And I shake the pan constantly, starting with the first pop, and no is stopping until the last pop. To avoid scraping the bottom of the pan/top of the burner, I hold the pan a few inches above the burner ring. It is the very rare occasion when any kernels burn.
SMSF September 1, 2017
When making popcorn on any stove, it's a good idea to test out a few kernels in the hot oil before adding the rest. If the oil is sufficiently hot, the test kernels will pop very quickly. Then you'll know it's time to add the rest.

Also, once the kernels start popping, give the pot several good shakes on the burner so the unpopped ones will drop down to the bottom of the pot near the heat. Keep shaking until the popping pretty much stops, and you're good to go!
Stephanie B. September 1, 2017
If it's burned only slightly you might not know until it's done. But burned popcorn has a pretty distinctive smell, so you'll know if it's burning more than just a little bit.

How hot is your stove? It needs to be on high heat - we do the highest on our old electric stove, and the popcorn is done in minutes. I've never measured it out, but I'd guess we use about 1/3c oil to 1-1.5c corn kernels in a heavy pot on high heat, cover the pot, swirl the pan a little so the kernels get coated in oil. From there it's the same concept as a microwave popcorn: once the popping has pretty much stopped, the popcorn is done.
Destini K. September 1, 2017
I also need to know why it's been taking about over than 10 mins
Destini K. September 1, 2017
I also need to know why it's been taking about over than 10 mins
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