Waffle Iron Buying Advice

I need a new waffle iron, preferably Belgian-style. My old electric one finally died, and was miserable to clean. I keep eyeing the 'restaurant' style irons that flip the waffles, but I can't figure out why that's an advantage, if both the top and bottom irons have heating elements, and they only seem to make one waffle at a time. I've also looked at the old-fashioned stove top versions. I have a counter-top induction burner and a gas cook top, but I've never used a non-electric iron. Obviously -- recommendations are needed.



Jake March 6, 2011
I collect cast iron cooking implements and I can tell you the old-fashioned CI irons are great if you've got a gas stove. Just know they are HEAVY and if you buy an old one, it may need to be reconditioned. But they will last forever without failing--something you cannot say about something with an electric element. If you know someone who has one, ask to borrow it for a couple of weeks. It takes a little practice to get used to working with one.
Soozll March 5, 2011
Oh...one more thing...it is a counter space hog and/or a cabinet hog. It's big and awkward to store.
Soozll March 5, 2011
I was given a Waring Pro dual Belgian waffle iron for my birthday last year and I love it! It has the deep pocket grid so the waffles are about an inch thick. It bakes two waffles at once and you do flip the iron each time the batter has been added. The waffles come out so light, airy and crisp (or maybe it's my recipe). I made only one waffle on it once, and didn't flip it. It wasn't as airy as the ones where I flip the iron as the mfgr suggests. Don't know the science behind it..I can guess, but what's that worth?
Greenstuff March 5, 2011
If I were buying a waffle iron, I'd be really tempted to try a stove-top cast iron one. I have a friend with a little vacation house, and they use one all the time. Nice crispy edges. Natural non-stick. And aesthetically pleasing.
nogaga March 5, 2011
I recently bought an inexpensive ($25) and simple, electric, countertop, hardware store version with 4 easilly remouvable non-stick panels (for waffle-making and for toasted sandwiches.) I thought I'd be keeping this item on top of my fridge and pull it out only for the occasional waffle-making (my dream) but its become a permanent countertop presense. I just love it. My regulars are the yeasted Belgian waffles from the King Arthur site.
Anitalectric March 5, 2011
Here is a Wall St Journal article on that subject written by food52's own editor, Kristen Miglore! (I am a fan.) http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703779704576073861671693154.html
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