I agree with Amanda that a boneless leg of lamb takes longer to cook than bone in. If you do cook a boneless at 450 approximately how long does a

do cook a 6 lb boneless at 450 approximately how long does it take to cook? But cooking at 450 also makes a mess of your kitchen. How long should you let the lamb sit a room temperature before putting in the oven?

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scruz September 2, 2017
i would not use that high of a temperature. roasting a leg of lamb depends on how big/much it weighs. i leave a roast out for about an hour before putting in the oven. i prefer a much lower temp and if i have the time, i roast my sirloin lamb roasts (boneless and up to 3 lbs.) at about 300 degrees and use a meat thermometer to check. it looks as though 20 to 30 minutes per pound is what they recommend and i do not sear mine before putting in oven.
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