How long to roast leg of lamb?

I've got a 5.75 lb bone-in leg of lamb. I want to do a simple roast, rubbing it in a mix of olive oil, garlic, oregano and maybe some thyme/rosemary. I want to cook it at a low temperature (200?) to 130 degrees. Anyone have an estimate on how long it will take? I know to pay attention to the temp, not the time, but I want to have dinner ready around 5, so I want a good idea as to when to put it into the oven. Thanks!

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1 Comment

Shalini December 25, 2012
It sounds like you want to slow cook your leg of lamb, but you need a recipe. Here's one that might work: We made a leg of lamb last night, and it started out at 400 and went down to 350 degrees. It was moist and medium-rare and succulent.
This is the recipe we used:
Most importantly, a meat thermometer is most useful when checking to see if your meat is cooked to your liking. Hope this helps!
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