What to do with 4lb of dry red peppers!!

I have gotten 4lb of red dry peppers( from my in law's garden) and have no idea what to do with them. I usually make them stuffed ( vegetables r meat) but this is too much... Any other ideas where dry pepper would be main ingredient not spice..They are not hot!

  • Posted by: Hipimama
  • November 12, 2012


Amanda N. November 13, 2012
Just a thought. Since they're not spicy I wonder if it's possible to make them like sun dried tomatoes? Pack in a jar with in olive oil, garlic and other herbs and use in pastas, on pizza, crostini, etc. They would probably need to soak for at least a week to soften. The logic seems to work in my head! Good luck!
Liz A. November 13, 2012
Can you rehydrate them with boiling water . And make a pepper relish. Hot peppers. Sweet peppers. Some onions. Pulse all ingredients in food processor. Transfer to stock pot. Add vinegar. Sugar. Dash salt. Simmer until sugar dissolves. Put in jars. Cool completely. Refrigerate.
Cookingforboys November 12, 2012
Pulverize them in the food processor then use as a seasoning....or add to softened butter to top off a steak...or even add a little to spice up some taco soup!
Sam1148 November 12, 2012
Are the whole peppers. Just save them and use them as needed.

If your 'crafty'. And the peppers are whole peppers and red...thread them and wave them into a wreath for Xmas decorations. Or "Pepper wreaths" for friend and co-workers. You can get basic wicker wreaths from craft stores in all sizes. Google Pepper Wreaths. for more info on that project.
You could also tie them together as a base for Xmas candles as gifts. With a note that peppers can be re-used in recipes.
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