Fall Favorites

I'm itching to make fall favorites, like a big pot of Chili, Beef Stew, roasted squash and root vegetables, anything with apples! This morning I made a fall, spicy, coffee adding cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, it was delicious and it made it feel more fall-ish as it was still cool outside at 5:30am. However, there are more 100+ degree days this week, the cooler days can't come quick enough IMO. What fall favorites are you anxious to make? I'm all ready to try them! BB

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Nancy October 29, 2017
OK, the leaves are falling, first frost is close, now I'll play :)
Have been working on a recipe for savory bread pudding, which allows you to slot in your (favorite &/or seasonal) choice of vegetable, cheese and spice blend.
Sometimes I've made it with eggplant, feta or other soft white cheese and za'atar for a Mediterranean feel.
This time, I'm using pumpkin, Swiss cheese & pumpkin pie spice (but still no sugar).
BerryBaby October 29, 2017
Sounds wonderful! Our dad was quite the cook and made a savory bread pudding for Thanksgiving that he created. We loved it! I've tried to duplicate it but it will never be as good as his. Your creativity is giving me ideas...thanks, Nancy!
BerryBaby October 29, 2017
Last day of the Farmers Market! It's such a celebration and will stock up on fall vegetables. Looking forward to savory soups and pan roasted vegetables. Will pick up a pumpkin or two for Halloween.
The season went way too fast!
BerryBaby October 13, 2017
Made 2 traditional fall favorited a pumpkin latte and pumpkin bread. It's a great Friday the 13th!
ktr October 10, 2017
We are past peak colors here and well into fall. I've been making lots of soups and stews and slow cooked meals. We had chicken soup last week and chili this week. Thankfully my kids are finally liking stews (they didn't like any dishes where there were foods mixed together - soup, casseroles, etc). We have also been making winter squash and other root vegetables more now that it is cooler out.
This is on the menu for next week: https://thedomesticman.com/2017/01/03/curried-beef-stew/#more-14556
I've been in the mood for chai tea lately and will hopefully find time to make a batch soon.
BerryBaby October 11, 2017
Chai tea is definitely a fall favorite!
BerryBaby October 10, 2017
Definitely fall weather this week. Was very excited to make Pasta e Fagilio soup! First of many soups on my fall list of comfort foods.
What is your favorite fall soup recipe? 🍵
AntoniaJames October 10, 2017
BB, I just made this fall's first pot of white bean soup, using Marcella beans, a marvelous, flavorful bean from Rancho Gordo. I usually don't buy premium-priced dried beans, because I don't see any advantage in paying 2-3X, but these are worth it! I have the butcher cut a shank (more meat than a hock) into four pieces and simmer it for about 30 minutes with onion trimmings and bay leaf, meanwhile I boil then simmer the beans with a bay leaf to give them a head start. While those are cooking, I prep my veg, then combine everything, add thyme and marjoram, holding the carrots until the end, as I don't like them mushy.

After simmering until the beans are soft, I set it aside. I make the base a day or two ahead of time - just the rhythm of my typical menu plan and weekend cooking routine -- and will cook the diced carrots in the soup, adding chicken broth as necessary and fresh parsley, on the evening we eat it. I'll serve with focaccia which I bake in big batches and freeze in squares, a 100% hydration dough (1% yeast, 1.5% salt, equal parts of flour and water (mass), and a good fistful, about 1/4 cup, of chopped rosemary per 800g flour). I'll stir beet greens just before serving into the soup to make it a one-bowl supper, and we'll have pears for dessert. Doesn't get any more "autumn" than that! I'm happy for the changing seasons. Thanks for asking. ;o)
P.S. I always cook up 2-3X the beans that I need for the soup and reserve the extras in deli containers in the freezer for future use.
AntoniaJames October 10, 2017
Also, this soup - sweet potato garnished with za'atar and feta: https://food52.com/recipes/1598-sweet-potato-soup-with-feta-and-za-atar-oil

And this hearty soup, which I'll be making this weekend using bits of d'Artagnan garlic sausage and red chard https://food52.com/recipes/9726-french-country-soup

We eat one-bowl-dinner soups at least once a week during the cooler months . . . with leftovers for lunch. Easy dinners on weeknight evenings means more time for baking pumpkin and apple quick breads, chocolate gingerbread mini-loaves, etc. - other fall favorites! ;o)
BerryBaby September 17, 2017
I'm excited it's finally going to start raining today and last all week! Haven't had significant rain since April. So, soups on! Now I need to decide what soup I want to make.'🤔
AntoniaJames September 14, 2017
We're having unusually fall-like weather this week in the Bay Area - usually it's hot, hot, hot, like summer (we've had our share of that though in late August and over the weekend). I bought my first butternut of the season the farmers' market on Sunday and roasted cubes while my choucroute (another great fall dish!) was braising the other night. I'm going to warm the squash up and toss with za'atar infused oil and then sprinkle with chunks of feta, inspired by this soup: https://food52.com/recipes/1598-sweet-potato-soup-with-feta-and-za-atar-oil to serve with a sharp green salad that will include chunks of Honeycrisp apple (first of the season!) and roasted walnuts, along with herbed focaccia toasted in soldiers (focaccia 100% hydration made in big batches and frozen in squares, 6 to a quarter sheet, every month).

After the brutally hot August we had in this land of no-air-conditioning, I'm loving the cooler weather and the falling leaves.

(But, like others, I'm also enjoying the last heirloom tomatoes, knowing I won't have them again until next summer. I never - ever - buy fresh tomatoes out of season.) ;o)
Emily |. September 14, 2017
This is the opposite of cooking, but i LOVE to eat golden delicious (or any crisp semi sweet) apples with extra sharp cheddar cheese as a fall snack. I also make a turkey-barley chili that I'm ready to cook this year already https://food52.com/recipes/31023-white-bean-and-barley-turkey-chili
BerryBaby September 13, 2017
Rain is finally coming next week!
Acorn squash with brown sugar and tomatoes will definitely be on my rainy dish list!
BerryBaby September 13, 2017
Rain is finally coming next week!
Acorn squash with brown sugar and tomatoes will definitely be on my rainy dish list!
BerryBaby September 6, 2017
Couldn't wait, made my Harvest Muffins yesterday. Had a zucchini that I wanted to use up. These are delicious and make the house smell amazing! Although tempting, these need to sit overnight so the spices have time to come together.
Had extra shredded zucchini, apple and carrots left over and tossed it in my lunch salad with a sqeeze of lime. Wonderful!
scruz September 5, 2017
i'm ready for any of the crisps and pinovas at gizdich. boysenberry pie too.
Sarah J. September 5, 2017
Here are a few more ideas for you! https://food52.com/blog/17995-35-fall-recipes-we-ve-been-dreaming-about-since-september-hit
BerryBaby September 5, 2017
Thank you! Lots of great fall ideas! BB
Jr0717 September 5, 2017
After scrolling through this link, I've realized that all of the autumn favorites that I'm excited to try are....autumn-colored. Oranges, reds, yellows, golden caramel browns...bring it on!
PieceOfLayerCake September 4, 2017
PIE! Pie pie pieeeeee.....I love a fruit pie as much as the next guy, but autumn (Thanksgiving specifically) is my time to shine with an array of fall pies. One of my favorite things to make is apple hand pies with homemade cornmeal crust and 6 hour apple-calvados confit. I can't wait!
BerryBaby September 5, 2017
Apple orchards opened this week with Honey Crisp, Delicious, McIntosh being the first available. Granny Smith are my favorite when making pie. What type of apples do you use?
PieceOfLayerCake September 5, 2017
I use a variety (usually no more than 3 types in a single pie), but I like to include Cortland, Pink Lady, Braeburn, Jonagolds. I'm not a huge fan of Granny Smith because they can be a little bitter in a pie...and I LOVE honeycrisp, but I would feel bad putting them in a pie since they are such wonderful out of hand apples.
inpatskitchen September 4, 2017
Soup! Any and all...we had a mid 60s day this past week and I made this one: https://food52.com/recipes/11823-beans-and-greens-soup-with-a-little-italian-sausage
I must admit though, I am totally enjoying the tomatoes from the garden and will be sad when we pick the last one of the season.
BerryBaby September 5, 2017
Thank you! I will give this a try. If you, or others, have more Autumn favorites, pls share!
scruz September 4, 2017
since it has been 100 degrees plus for the last couple of days, all i can think about is grilling, sandwiches and popsicles. the summer's bounty has been terrific and i am not looking forward to heartier fare.
BerryBaby September 4, 2017
I've enjoyed the garden tomatoes and have eaten salad almost every day for lunch. Our dinners are light fare and quite honestly, I'm ready for shorter daylight and hearty meals.
Can't wait to decorate for fall and love saying that Halloween us next month. That's just me.
I'm probably in the minority but rain, cold, dark, snow, make me very happy🙂
Jr0717 September 4, 2017
Squash soup all the way, for sure. I love making huge vats of it and stockpiling it for chilly, late nights when I don't have the time or energy for cooking. And baked/poached apples, pears, and other fruits that take so naturally to warm spices like those that you put in your coffee!

However, I am enjoying the late summer produce right now, and agree with MMH. Fall is my favorite as well, but I'm trying to savor, and make the best of, each season as it comes along, and celebrate the respective peak ingredients while they're available.

But I'm pretty darn excited for Fall too. Not gonna lie. :).
BerryBaby September 5, 2017
Wish we could have enjoyed the summer weather. September and October are my favorite out here PNW. Love sitting on the patio and soaking in all the beautiful colors of the season. Plus perfect grilling weather.
Windischgirl September 4, 2017
Apple crisp!
BerryBaby September 4, 2017
I love how it makes the house smell...delicious!

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MMH September 3, 2017
Don't be in such a hurry. It's only Labor Day. Late summer veggies are prime. I don't even want to think about chilly days.
BerryBaby September 4, 2017
Autumn is my favorite time of year followed by winter. I love sitting out at a cafe with my sister in the chilly air enjoying a coffee and taking in the beautiful colors of the season. Trees have already started to change and the apple tree has but a few leaves remaining. Our fall will be early.
Yes, produce is wonderful this time of year and, believe me, I put it to good use!
The 100 degree days have not been fun and cool days will be most welcomed!
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