Hosting brunch for 30+ people

This will be a baby shower, very casual. But I think this number of people is a first! How much food do I even need?? Ideas for make ahead dishes? Or things that taste good at room temp?



MMH September 8, 2017
I also recommend baking bacon in the oven. Your house will smell fabulous. It all comes out flat. You don't have to watch it closely while you do other things. And, who doesn't love bacon?
MMH September 7, 2017
BreAkfast casseroles are really easy and can be held overnight until the next day when you put them in the oven - you know layered egg/bread/meat or not meat/ cheese etc.
Windischgirl September 8, 2017
Savory Strata and/or overnight baked French toast. Prep the night before and pop in the oven 30-45 min before guests arrive. The whole house will smell great, and these can be eaten hot or at room temperature. Add a platter of charcuterie and cheeses, big fruit salad, and a simple cake, mom-to-be's favorite.
BerryBaby September 7, 2017
It may help to ask the mother-to-be if she has any preferences.
An assortment of salads with toppings ie, various greens, red leaf, romaine, etc. toppings diced chicken, cucumbers, carrots, cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds, croutons, etc. basket of assorted breads/rolls, cheese platter, Baby Shower decorated sheet cake.
BerryBaby September 7, 2017
Oops! For some reason thought it said lunch!
PHIL September 7, 2017
nice charcuterie with assorted cheeses and meats The photo is one I made for a group of 30+ . This way people can pick and start right away. I like the smoked salmon ideas someone mentioned, pair it with some mini bagels and have some toppings like maybe a few cream cheese flavors and some chopped red onion. sprinkle some dill on the salmon for effect and a bunch to for color on the plate. lastly some salads, Caesar with grilled chicken, pasta salad, tricolor bowties, I like mine with olive oil & balsamic , mozzarella pearls, red onion, a little pesto and chopped tomato. I'll stop for now , let me know if you need more suggestions. Good luck!
SKK September 7, 2017
I have hosted a number of brunches for 30+. Regarding quantities, I pick my recipe and increase. Everything I prepare is with an eye to make ahead and room temperature because I want to be with my guests. Some of my go to recipes are: Quinoa and Kale Crustless Quiche. Homemade granola is also a treat Both the granola and the quiche are best at room temperature. Deviled eggs are great. A vegetable platter and some cured Italian meats and cheeses. Maybe a platter of smoke salmon. Fruit and you are good to go! For desserts order a special cake with baby shower decorations. The main thing is to have fun!
byb September 7, 2017
I think your initial thoughts (good at room temp, make-ahead) are right on the money! The first thing that came to mind was quiche or frittatas (or little fritatta-type bites cooked in muffin tins). A nice, seasonal, fruit salad would be lovely, dressed up with fresh mint. And then maybe some sort of potato dish (even just oven diced, roasted potatoes) or a giant green salad (made with sturdier greens) + a coffee cake or sweet of some kind, in addition to juices/iced tea.
Lost_in_NYC September 7, 2017
For a big crowd like, once you figure out the theme/menu, see what you can actually make (either day of or a few days in advance) and what items you are able to buy prepared or ask others to bring to lighten the load on yourself (aside from the cake/dessert). It will help out with your planning and overall sanity in the lead up to the event.
Nancy September 7, 2017
There are several threads here with ideas for you. Look under:
• cooking for a crowd
• brunch
• baby shower.
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